Sunday, October 20, 2013

The 2014 Honda Jazz: Coming Soon!

The subcompact class is a very diverse segment. Literally all car companies have at most two cars in the segment. Toyota, Nissan, Suzuki, Hyundai, Kia, you can name it all! Even Audi has one! So now, Honda has come up with the 3rd generation of its popular Fit hatchback. Will it bring Honda to the top?

The Honda Fit has always been known in the Philippines as the Jazz. Both the first and second generations probably look quite simple to you. Now with the third generation, Honda goes a different way with the Jazz. For us, it's quite sporty especially in the Metallic Orange RS trim. Oh please Honda Philippines, bring the Orange RS trim here!

The exterior has been completely reworked. Notice what Honda calls the "EXCITING H DESIGN!!!" or "Solid Wing Face?" It will be something standard on all upcoming Hondas and appears first on the 2014 Honda Fit/Jazz.

Finally, projector headlights on the Fit/Jazz. Hopefully, they do come as HID headlights to add to that sporty look especially at night. Those look like LED Daytime Running Lights just by the foglights too.

As for the rear? Well, it's a bit meh. Honestly, it looks like Honda's designer kind copied another vehicle in the segment. Perhaps the Nissan Versa Note?

Nissan Versa Note
As with most Hondas, the trunk gets the chrome treatment with a chrome strip running from the left to the right just like the 2013 Civic and Accord. The rear bumper probably makes the rear a lot nicer than without those probably fake vents. 

Since it's 2013, of course there will be a hybrid in the lineup. Here comes the 2014 Honda Fit Hybrid which was first seen even before the sportier RS trim. It did give the Fit criticisms with its more simple look due to the lack of some features like the foglights and sporty 16-inch wheels.

Just wondering now how the regular Fit/Jazz will look like. No, not the RS nor the Hybrid. Just the regular ones. We haven't found any photos online. Share with us below if you find some!

Of course, with a whole new exterior comes a whole new interior. What used to be a plain dashboard is now similar to the current generation Honda City. Judging from the pictures, we think we can expect a soft touch portion of the dashboard. Hope we're right!

The AC vents are no longer round and the driver's side retains the cupholder right in front of the vent. Also looks like that there will be an LCD screen but not in the photo. The steering wheel looks similar to the ones on the CR-V and Civic.  If you noticed too, the door handle inside is the same as the one on the CR-V and the previous generation of the Accord. Looks really nice in a car of this class.

Lastly, the 2014 Honda Fit/Jazz of course features the trademark of having lots of space inside. We'll see more of this when it officially reaches our shores. Stay tuned!


Disclaimer: Photos were taken from various websites. We have no rights to claim them as our property.

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