Saturday, November 16, 2013

CAR REVIEW: 2005-2008 Toyota Fortuner 2.7G

Being one of the bestselling vehicles in our country, you probably know someone who drives a Toyota Fortuner. Probably, you are very familiar with this car. It would be a surprise if you weren't. We have here the first iteration of the Fortuner which came out in 2005. After this one, two facelifts have already been done. Could this one still be worth the price?

At first, the Fortuner only competed with the Ford Everest and Isuzu Alterra. After a while, the 2nd generation Mitsubishi Montero Sport came out and since then, it has been the direct competitor of the Fortuner to this day.


The exterior of the Fortuner is very conservative especially in this popular white color. It has a very simple design though it is enough to get some attention since it has a very high hood and like every other Toyota, looks as if it's smiling at you.

Things get simpler in the rear though the rear is quite nice. Actually, the current one still looks very alike. Put a Lexus badge in there and you'll probably think it really was a Lexus...perhaps if you don't know what a Fortuner is. Still conservative but still a good looking rear. Honestly, it doesn't look too old at the back.

There are some good looking 16 inch alloy wheels on 265/55/R16 tires but they are a bit small for my taste. 17 inch wheels would be better perhaps.


The beige leather interior is okay. It's nothing really special though mostly everything is well laid out. Interior quality is not the best. There are a good number of gaps between the hard touch plastic surfaces. The graining of the dashboard is nothing good. It's very rough, better if they used the same plastic from the door panels instead. 

The steering wheel also comes straight from a 2001-2006 Toyota Camry. It also doesn't telescope but has limited tilt adjustment.

The sunvisor and mirror looks like something from the late 90's and early 2000's. Thankfully, that was changed when the car was updated in 2009.

The sunglass holder and map lights also look out of place. Looks like it wasn't part of the original design and it looks really dated. Thankfully, it was also changed but only when it was updated in 2011.

The beige leather seats are okay as well though they have minimal adjustment and lack support. I found my back aching after a 30 minute ride on the expressway.

Rear legroom is good and you can slide the seats backward for even more legroom and forward to give the 3rd row passengers more legroom since it can get pretty tight in the back even for smaller adults.


Nothing impressive, you've got everything you need. The stereo is of average quality and as mentioned earlier, the power button is designed for the right hand drive markets. It is equipped with a 6-CD changer.

Better to keep the reflector type halogen headlights on high beam by the way. It gets a bit dark when you're just on low beams.

There is a good amount of rear trunk space though the seats when folded do take some room. There is limited space when they are being used.


This Fortuner is powered by a 2.7 liter, Inline-4 Cylinder Engine with Variable Valve Timing. That's what VVT-i stands for. It has 158 horsepower and 241 Nm of torque and is mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission.

It does feel like it needs more power since this is a heavy SUV. The engine is also loud when cruising at 100 kph on the expressway. The RPM ranges at around 3000 RPM. Road noise is minimal unless we really can't hear it because of the loud engine. The car also gets unstable when driving over 120 kph. It averages 7 km/l in the city and 9-11 km/l on the highway.

Now, the thing everyone who has a Fortuner hates. The ride is very stiff. You'll feel every bump even on the smoothest surfaces. It's still understandable since it's based on a pick-up. The current Fortuner still gets the thumbs up for a smoother ride.


The Fortuner is a good car hence its popularity. All our neighbors have Fortuners and you'll see one on every street corner. The thing is that it's dated and a bit left behind in terms of style by its competitors. Again, it's not a bad car to have and I can gladly recommend it. Check out the current model though, you'll be more impressed.


Engine: 2.7L Inline-4
Transmission: 4-speed A/T
Power: 158 HP
Torque: 271 Nm
Drive Layout: FWD
Price (Brand New): PHP 1,358,000
Price (Used): PHP 600,000 to PHP 700,000

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