Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Ford PH announces Ranger recall

Ford Philippines recently announced a recall due to faulty coolant hoses on some of their Ford Ranger models. These faulty coolant hoses may cause coolant loss and may end up with the engine overheating.
Ford PH's advisory is as follows:

"Under certain operating conditions, an engine coolant hose on your vehicle may rub against other under-bonnet components. Continuous contact with these components may result in wearing of the coolant hose and the potential for coolant loss. If you were to continue driving with such a condition, it may lead to engine overheating and the potential for engine failure."

Owners of the units concerned are asked to bring their vehicles to the dealers to check for any damage to the coolant hose. If the hose does have some damage from wearing, the dealer will replace the hose. If not able to, they will install a protective wrapping which will prevent further damage to the hose and other parts.

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