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CAR REVIEW: 2007-2011 Honda CR-V 2.4SX

The Honda CR-V was Honda's first crossover SUV and it represents a class which is crowded and very competitive. The 3rd generation of the CR-V came out in 2007. Now that there's a 4th generation, is it still worth getting one of these? Let's find out.

Ever since it came out, the Honda CR-V competed head on with the Toyota RAV4 and Subaru Forester. This one we're reviewing is actually owned by the father of one of our editors.


The 3rd generation CR-V was a departure from the boxy and more rugged design of the 1st and 2nd generations of the car. It's lower and shorter than the previous generation. The dual grille design did get a little bit of criticism but it goes really well with the rest of the car. 

This particular one also comes with the optional "Pearl White Mica" exterior color by the way which looks pretty good with the blacked out bumper.

The rear of the CR-V has the signature vertical taillamps which were first seen in the 2nd generation. The rear lift gate also opens the traditional way since Honda went away with the rear mounted spare tire which does improve the practicality of the vehicle especially in tight parking lots.

The 2.4SX trim level comes standard with 7-spoke 17 inch alloy wheels with 255/55/R17 tires. It adds to the more luxurious feel of the exterior of the vehicle.

Overall, the 2007-2010 Honda CR-V has a very nice exterior. It may be a bit conservative but it doesn't fail to stand out.


The 2nd generation CR-V had a more SUV-like interior design. This 3rd-gen CR-V has a more sedan-like interior which adds to that feeling of being in a sedan than a small SUV. It has very nice styling and everything is within easy reach.

The color combination is a black and beige two-tone. The steering wheel has a very good size and includes some nice sport grips and is leather wrapped.

Fit and finish is very nice as well though the materials won't wow you. The whole dashboard and door panels are of hard-touch plastics except for the padded armrests but they are of high quality and don't feel as cheap as those you would find in a Toyota RAV4 of the same year. Everything fits nicely and there are no uneven gaps.

The beige leather seats on this generation are very nice and comfortable. Not everybody likes the gathered look but it does look nice in our eyes. It's very easy to find a comfortable position as there are lots of thigh support and they are nicely bolstered. The driver's seat is missing lumbar adjustments so you might find your back hurting after about 3 hours driving the car. They are similar by the way to the 2006-2011 Honda Civic.

There is a lot of space in the CR-V and it won't be hard to fit 5 adults or maybe 2 adults and 4 children at the back.


The Honda CR-V won't really impress you with its equipment but it will satisfy you. All CR-Vs come with a 6-speaker audio system which sounds very nice and of high quality. Bring the volume up and you'll be impressed though it is missing a little bit of bass.

Outside, high intensity discharge headlamps (HID) are standar equipment and do a very good job of lighting up dark roads at night.

What's impressive about Honda's vehicles is that even if the exterior is a bit small, there is always a lot of trunk space. No surprise that the CR-V has a huge trunk. There is also a cargo tray to divide the trunk into two or even keep safe your stuff from bad people.


The CR-V SX is powered by Honda's corporate 2.4 liter, Inline-4 cylinder, DOHC i-VTEC engine with 168 horsepower and 171 N-m. of torque and is mated to a 5-speed automatic transmission. It's a very smooth running engine and it gets up to speed fairly well though it could do better. It won't hurt at the fuel pump too as it averages 8 km/l in the city and up to 15 km/l on the highway. Many do believe that the Honda CR-V is still a gas guzzler. Sorry, not anymore!

Road noise is excessive and will bother you on rougher roads. It does have a smooth ride though bumps can be felt.


The 3rd generation Honda CR-V is still a very good car to have. It's practical and very easy to maintain. The local dealer even put a sticker on the windshield that the car has low maintenance costs. Even if there already is a 4th generation, it's not bad to buy one of this. We recommend it and if you find a used one out there, don't hesitate to check it out.


Engine: 2.4L Inline-4 DOHC
Transmission: 5-Speed A/T
Power: 168 HP @ 6000 RPM
Torque: 171 Nm @ 4000 RPM
Drive Layout: 4WD
Price (Brand New): PHP 1,515,000 (Pearl White Mica)
                                   PHP 1,415,000
Price (Used): PHP 600,000-800,000

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